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5 AI Applications for Digital Marketing: Maximize New Businesspeople

Starting a business nowadays is relatively easy. Even more so after the emergence of AI or Artificial Intelligence. In short, AI is a computer program designed to imitate the paradigm of human intelligence. This means that AI can be ordered to complete certain tasks. Including digital marketing matters. Digital marketing tasks are actually quite numerous and complex. Each part has its own task. Call it design, copywriting, data analysis, and website optimization. Usually, one section contains at least one person. However, if it is not possible for your business to employ employees, there is no harm in utilizing the following AI technology!

GPT Chat

Almost everyone knows what Chat GPT is. This AI was booming and became a trending topic in many media by technology workers. For your information, Chat GPT is a chat bot created by Elon Musk which is able to answer questions and write articles, such as articles. As a budding businessman, you can utilize this AI for brainstorming and copywriting. Apart from that, Chat GPT can look for marketing ideas and concepts that suit your target market. To use it, you just need to enter the command in the section provided and press enter.


Need services to develop a business strategy or campaign. Just access and use Tableau directly. AI is data visualization software for a company that can design plans and tactics so that your business can develop. Apart from that, you can use AI to launch targeted marketing promotions, both on websites and social media. Once the plan is given, you just have to adapt it to your brand’s business style.

Dall-E 2

In the meantime, you don’t need to look for graphic design to visualize your business. Instead, access and utilize an AI marketing tool called Dall-E 2. This AI is able to create realistic images just by entering a short description. Interestingly, you can buy credits or license your images on Dall-E 2. This means that only you have the rights to the images. The nominal amount starts at 15 US dollars or around Rp. 233 thousand. What’s cool is that you can buy credits or licenses for your images from Dall-E 2. So, you don’t need to worry if someone copies your images in the future. Even if someone imitates or recognizes the image, you can show the license. The nominal amount of the Dall-E 2 license starts at 15 US dollars or IDR 233 thousand.


As you know, digital marketing with videos has higher engagement than images. However, there’s no need to worry if you don’t have this skill. You can take advantage of Lumen5’s AI which can create videos. You only need a matter of minutes to create a promotional video with this AI. You can visualize your product’s advantages with Lumen5 AI for free. To open it, you only need internet access. Access is just a few steps away.

Need competitor analysis? You can take advantage of a free AI called It is said that this AI was deliberately created to help sales workers analyze interactions with customers. Not only that, is also able to predict transactions in the future. does this by visualizing sales flows from database storage so that it can predict customer behavior. This AI is also willing to provide transparency on transactions, turnover and customer characteristics. OK, so those are some AI applications to maximize your digital marketing. This is highly recommended for your business start-up. However, if it is possible, hire employees, remembering that human abilities are better than any AI.

This AI tool for business also provides transparency over transactions, turnover value and customer characteristics.

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