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2018 Innovative Start-Up Revolution: Changing the Game

Startup is a term that refers to companies that are newly established and engaged in technology or innovation. Usually, start-ups are founded by a group of people with a vision and mission to present innovative solutions that can solve problems in society. The uniqueness of a start-up lies in its very strong focus on innovation, creativity and the use of advanced technology. Start-ups often offer products or services that haven’t existed before, or come up with solutions that are more efficient than what is already on the market.

Various innovations in startup companies bring convenience to community activities. The existence of convenience for the community then has an impact on increasing users of startup company services. This can then increase the profits of Indonesian startup companies so that they can successfully spread their wings internationally. The following are 4 examples of innovative Indonesian startups that have gone international.

Gojek is an Indonesian startup that provides services in the form of online transportation services. Gojek originally started as an app-based transportation service to provide online motorcycle taxi services. However, over time, Gojek has developed into a multi-purpose platform that provides various services such as food delivery services (GoFood), goods delivery services (GoSend), and transportation and entertainment ticket bookings (GoTix).

Gojek’s success in Indonesia has spread its wings abroad. Until now, Gojek has expanded its business to Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand. As a fast-growing startup company, Gojek has inspired many entrepreneurs in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Their success is an example that a brilliant idea and precise execution can turn a startup into a powerhouse in the world of technology and business.

The second is Sociolla. Sociolla is an Indonesia-based company focused on the beauty industry. Founded in 2015 by Chrisanti Indiana and John Rasjid, Sociolla is an online beauty shopping platform that provides a variety of skin care products, cosmetics and beauty equipment. Aside from being a shopping platform, Sociolla is also a place for beauty enthusiasts to share tips and information about beauty. Sociolla succeeded in building its business in Vietnam and is now continuing to expand to other Southeast Asian countries.

The third is the Ruangguru. Ruangguru is a startup founded in Indonesia and focused on the education industry. Founded in 2014 by Belva Devara and Iman Usman, Ruangguru aims to provide innovative and affordable online learning solutions for students in Indonesia. Through the Ruangguru platform, students can access various learning services, including online classes, practice questions, and learning videos. They can also look for private tutors online to help them understand the subject matter better.

Ruangguru has developed into one of the largest online education platforms in Indonesia. They have succeeded in attracting many students and teachers to join their online learning community. Ruangguru’s success not only impacts students, but also provides opportunities for teachers to earn additional income through online teaching. Apart from Indonesia, Ruang Guru is also present in Thailand and Vietnam.

The fourth is Investree. Investree is a financial startup founded in Indonesia. Founded in 2015 by Adrian Gunadi and Adrian A. Gunadi, Investree aims to provide technology-based financing services (peer-to-peer lending) for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and prospective borrowers.

Through the Investree platform, SMEs can apply for loans to support their business growth. Meanwhile, lenders (investors) can participate by providing funds to finance these loans. By using digital technology, Investree creates alternative funding channels that are more efficient and faster, thus helping overcome the challenges of access to finance that are often faced by SMEs in Indonesia. Apart from Indonesia, Investree is also in the Philippines under the name Investree Philippines.

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