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Instagram’s Business in 2017 : Shoppable Posts & Increased Engagement

Instagram has become one of the most popular platforms for brand building and reaching a wider audience. In 2017, Instagram launched a revolutionary feature that allows businesses to tag their products directly on photos, so users can easily find and buy those products.

Instagram has more than 1 billion active monthly users, making it one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. For businesses, this offers a tremendous opportunity to reach a wider and potential audience. Many brands big and small have successfully harnessed the power of Instagram to promote their products, increasebrand awareness and generate significant sales.

With shoppable posts, users can explore products and buy easily without having to leave the Instagram application. This feature has opened new doors for e-commerce businesses to optimize their online presence and reach a more relevant target audience.

With shoppable posts, potential customers can easily explore products without having to move to your website or online store. They can see product images, prices, and full descriptions with a single tap. This convenience increases the chances of converting into actual buyers.

Shoppable posts allow you to create engaging content with your products. When users see a photo of a product with a shopping label, they’re intrigued to explore more. This increased engagement can help increase brand awareness and increase engagement with your audience. An easy and intuitive shopping experience on shoppable post can increase conversions and sales.

Users can quickly find the product they are interested in and make a purchase right away, without having to go through a complicated buying process. By using the shoppable post feature, you can reach a more relevant audience. When you tag a product in a post, Instagram will also suggest your product to users who may be interested in that type of product based on their previous interests.

Make sure your product photos are high-quality and attractive. Eye-catching photos are more likely to grab users’ attention and encourage them to click the shop button. In addition, describe the product clearly and informatively so that users understand the benefits. In a competitive e-commerce environment, competitive prices can be a determining factor in influencing purchasing decisions. Make sure the price of your product matches the quality and features offered.

Hashtags are an effective way to reach a wider and more relevant audience. Use hashtags that are relevant to your product and also popular with the target audience.This will help your posts show up in relevant search results.

Instagram provides comprehensive analytics for businesses. Monitor the performance of your shoppable posts regularly. This analysis will provide valuable insight into which products your users are most interested in, how many clicks on the shop button, and the conversion rate you get.

Shoppable posts are very powerful tools for businesses to increase engagement and sales on the Instagram platform. With these features, you can provide your customers with a better shopping experience, increase brand awareness and reach relevant audiences. Make sure to optimize your use of Shoppable Posts by following the tips we’ve shared above.

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